The Stylish Mom Must Have

What mom doesn't want to have a stylish nicely decorated home? The answer is we all do! But it can be a huge hassle to make that happen when you have little ones. As a designer I'm constantly asked how to maintain a stylish home by mom's of little ones. So, here are a few suggests.

1. Use a cute storage ottoman or stylish trunk as your coffee table. You can always add a nice removal tray with some decorative items on it when you're expecting company!

*This is a great way to add some interest to your living room and it's great for a quick clean up option. This way you can easily store toys, blankets etc.

2. Paint your walls in a warm semi gloss paint color.

*In my experience warmer colors tend to hide more, if you know what I mean! ;-)

Also, a semi gloss finish can be easily wiped down to remove ink, dirt, food splatter etc. without removing the actual paint color.

3. Try to go with an area rug with a busy pattern or darker colors. You can also go with a stylish foam play mat!

*Busy patterns and darker colors simply hides more incase of any spills or splatters and the stylish foam mats are a great alternative for homes with little ones.

Not many people know about different stylish play mat options, so feel free to take a peek by clicking the picture below!

These mats are just as gorgeous as area rugs, but they're softer, won't shed, are easier to clean and won’t accumulate stains or buildup. You can use our kids play mat on top of your existing wooden, stone, tile, or carpet flooring without causing damage.

With these mats you create a barrier against floor stains from foods and liquids so you don't have to fear spills. You'll love that they're waterproof! To clean, simply sweep or shake it off, then wipe down with a wet towel. They’re also reversible, so after you wipe the mat, you can turn it over for a super quick fix.

These premium quality mats are affordable and definitely worth it! Not only are they safe for kids and stylish, but also affordable, compared to other large play mats! Comfort Design Mats are durable and thick. The mats are high quality designer play mats that are long lasting and worth it to help keep your home looking beautiful, especially when you've put a lot of effort into your decor!

Come back often for more designer picks & tips! ;-)

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